From the President

As I write this I am thinking about what is left for me to do in order to be ready for the Quilt Show. I only have to wash one large quilt and sew the sleeve on which is already made. I am almost there. And then, before we know it, and when you read this June Newsletter, our Lions Gate Quilters Guild Biannual Quilt Show will be over but not forgotten. In fact, at our June meeting we will be celebrating another, wonderful, successful quilt show and we will be thanking our hard working Show Committee. We will have to do a little business but most of evening will be filled with lots and lots of Show and Tell, a silent auction of numerous pin cushions (all award winning), socializing, some kind of strip poker game, refreshments and door prizes. Finally, we will be able to relax and just enjoy the memories.

During our May meeting we celebrated our Community Quilts Program by just looking at and admiring the quilts. In past years we had some complaints that Community Quilts were just rushed passed us and we could not really enjoy viewing them. So, we have slowed the whole process down. Anita Jones-Gould, President of Community Quilts, has told me that we have made approximately 130 quilts this year and they will all be donated by the Fall. Some of the recipients of Community Quilts are: Capilano Day Care Centre, Kiwanis Care Centre – Seymour, the Lions Gate Hospital shop, Lions Gate Hospital – NIC unit, Margaret Fulton Adult Daycare, RCMP North Vancouver, West Vancouver Adult Day Care, North Shore Womens’ Centre, Sage House, Evergreen House, the Hope Centre, North Shore Hospice and Womens’ Hospital. We are so very fortunate to have a large committee of members working with Anita. They are: Dorothy Porter (Treasurer), Louise Bovet, Barb Brawn, Kathleen Houston, Arlene Ingraham, Karen Marshall, Anne Read, Brenda Sangster, Nancy Moore and Donna Hoffman. Congratulations ladies for a job well done.

No more measuring your Show and Tell this month. Dorothy Porter has done a great job of recording and measuring quilts for us and she has sent them in our Canadian Quilters Association as we participate in the Walk to Brock Challenge. After our May meeting Dorothy sent me a copy of her email to CQA. In it she wrote that we measured 2,970 inches at our regular Show and Tell; 24,255 inches of Community Quilts and 53,960 inches on public display at our Quilt Show. Wow weeoly !!! I don’t know if that is a word but it should be. Congratulations everyone for being so diligent in your measuring assignments. And thank you Dorothy for keeping us updated. CQA wrote back to Dorothy and reported that our guild, The Lions Gate Quilters Guild of North Vancouver, had submitted a Total of over 118,000 inches. CQA was impressed. Another Wow weeoly !!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our June meeting. Ridge Meadows Guild is coming to sell raffle tickets and we are giving our 50/50 gals the month off. So, bring your small change for tickets and any library fines you might owe. Also, our library is having a book sale so more money is required. And, the silent auction is happening, but that might require cheques which will also be needed for workshops sign up. If you finished the Mystery quilt please bring it for Show and Tell along with any other sewing you have had time to do. Don’t forget your mug and name tag and library books.

Finally, please remember to return your Quilt Show lawn sign frames at the June meeting.

Happy Quilting,