Raffle Quilts: Last Chance for Advance Tickets

raffle2At the May meeting, it will be your last chance to purchase a book of quilt raffle tickets, for advance sales to your family and friends prior to the quilt show in June.

Tickets are sold in books of 15 tickets, at a cost of $25.00. All tickets are to be sold at 3 for $5.00. As done previously, the member buys the book of tickets up front for $25.00, sell the tickets (this money is now yours) and return the stubs for the draw. We keep track of member names and ticket books. Please return your completed book stubs to the Raffle Quilt Committee at our monthly meeting in May, or when you drop your quilts off for the show . Please ensure all stubs are returned to the raffle committee for the draw at the end of our quilt show, to ensure all tickets sold are entered for the draw on June 14th.

Help sell the quilt raffle tickets, to provide support and funding for the Community Quilts Program.

The Raffle Quilt Committee
Becky West, Norine McCaffrey, Suzanne Patchell, Betty Clarke

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