From the President

During last month’s presentation by Karen Johnson she mentioned several times that various pieces of her quilts belonged to her ‘coat’, her ‘blouse’, and other articles of clothing. I started to imagine a rather tattered looking closet with blouses missing a square of fabric and her coat with a rectangle cut out of it. I asked Karen about this strange image I was having and she laughed and said that she sewed most of her clothing and that she was using left over bits of fabric. I was certainly relieved to hear that. Fons and Porter have an ad that shows a man sleeping with a square cut out of his shirt and two women sewing in the background and I think they are laughing. I enjoyed Karen’s presentation showing her quilting story starting with traditional quilts leading up to more artistic, contemporary fiber projects.

During our March meeting Show and Tell we measured a total of 5,410 inches which brings our grand total to 34,418 inches or 871.34 metres. I think we are moving across Canada with great speed on our Walk to Brock Challenge.

Colleen Bell, our guild webmaster, came to the Executive meeting on March 31st and gave a short presentation as to how she saw our website evolving. There are no immediate major changes happening at our website although the future is going to bring easier and fuller access to our website and to the general internet world of quilting. Take a look at our website today and see what is new and interesting. The entire library is listed on our website with photos.

For our keen Quilt Retreat participants here are the dates which have been confirmed at Edenvale. 2015: Feb. 26 – March 1st and 2016: Feb. 25 – 28th.

I want to remind everyone that at our May meeting we will be celebrating our Community Quilts Program. I realize that some of you may still be working on your Quilt Show entries but think about taking just a couple of hours or so and work on a small Community quilt. We are very fortunate in how the calendar shapes up between our April and May guild meetings. We have a whole 5 weeks between meetings along with a couple of Spring holidays. So, we all may have a little extra time to play at our favourite hobby and include a small Community Quilt.

Our next guild meeting is the 4th Tuesday of the month which is on April 22nd. I remind you of this because this month we have 5 Tuesdays and I am sure that I am not the only one who has come to a meeting on the last Tuesday of the month to discover no one else there. Remember to wear your name tags, bring your mug, money for raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets and overdue library fines, your library books, your cheque book to register for workshops, your Show and Tell along with circumference measurements. I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on the 22nd of April.

Happy Quilting,