From the President

Welcome to September everyone. I hope you had a most enjoyable summer with lots of outdoor activities and socializing because this was definitely the summer to do those sorts of activities. But now, as I write this, the clouds have rolled in and it is time to move indoors and back into our sewing space. It is like hibernating isn’t it?

The Guild Executive usually meets in early September to touch base and to make sure we are going to have an exciting and inspiring year culminating in our Quilt Show. Anne Pelton and her committee have been very hard at work organizing three workshops for the Fall and they have booked an assortment of workshops already for winter and spring.

We discussed the subject of Advertising for new Guild members and we have some good ideas on how to let people know that we exist and that any person who is interested in sewing and quilting are welcome to come to our meetings. Once they come through that door they will be ours because we are such a fun, caring and talented bunch of quilters! I think my prejudices are showing through. So, let your friends or mere acquaintances know about our Guild and encourage them to come to a meeting. We have already submitted information to the North Shore News and the North and West Vancouver Community Arts Councils and plan on distributing posters in the near future.

Because our Guild belongs to the Canadian Quilters’ Association I get their monthly news update and this month they are promoting a Challenge called: Stitch Across Canada as we Walk to Brock. Here is their description of the challenge. “Starting Sept. 1st, we want you or your guild to send us the perimeter of all quilts shown at your Show and Tell/Share. We will plot the inches from Mile Zero in Victoria to Brock University in St. Catherines, the home of Quilt Canada 2014. But to make it a REAL challenge, we will visit our Regional Representative, Shona Barbour and her quilting friends, in Inuvik NT along the way. Yikes! a mere 106, 007,412 inches more than our last Stitch Across Canada challenge.” So, what do you think? The Executive thought we could give it a try. If you are going to bring some Show and Tell to our next Guild meeting please measure the circumference/s in inches and then tell us that total number when you are up at the mike. Dorothy Porter will record our data and send it on to CQA. Thank you Dorothy.

We are fast approaching our annual AGM in February. This is the first of many reminds about this important meeting. We will have the following positions open for renewal: Vice President, Treasurer, Programs, Newsletter, Library, Member-at-Large. All of these positions are for a two year term and we also need someone to volunteer for our Membership position for a one year term.

Kate Burzuk would like some assistance at the Membership table and if you are interested in volunteering to fill that position in the new year this would be an excellent opportunity to find out more about the job and sit with Kate, getting experience firsthand. Give Kate a call or just pull up a chair beside her at the next meeting. She does not bite.

I look forward to seeing you on the 4th Tuesday of this month which is September 24th. Don’t forget: to wear your name tag; money for 50/50 draw; cheque book for workshops; your coffee mug; any overdue library books and fines that go along with that; any “free” sewing related items to give away; any leftover birthday goodies/cake for us all to enjoy and your Show and Tell with circumference totals.

Happy Quilting,