Featured Speaker: Judy Leslie

My oh my hasn’t this summer blown by.

This month our guest speaker is Judy Leslie. The following is from Judy’s CV:

“I have always been a fibre artist, whether it was designing and sewing ‘exotic’ doll clothes for my younger sister or making most of my own garments from my early teenage years to the present. I taught in both elementary and secondary schools for over twenty-five years; I especially enjoyed integrating art with other subjects so as to enable my more ‘visual learners’ to more easily grasp concepts in subjects like math and history.

“I have worked successfully as a potter and stained glass artist in the past, but in recent years I rediscovered the wonderful tactile nature of textiles in the ‘quilt’ form. I began by producing a few traditional quilts but soon moved on to designing and creating art quilts. Having retired a few years ago, I am now able to devote more time to experimenting with techniques and design. I feel that I have come full circle when I think back to the ‘exotic’ creations that I made for my sister’s dolls!

“In my work I am drawn to the things I know well. I moved from the prairies to the west coast almost thirty years ago and I am forever fascinated by the lushness of this landscape. I am particularly familiar with the rhythms of my own garden and the terrain of Pitt Lake, where we have a family cabin. I love to observe, draw and photograph the scenery around me. My goal is to capture and highlight some of the inspiring sights. I use a combination of techniques, depending on the subject and mood of the art quilt. The only restriction is one that I have self imposed……to use a sewing machine to the maximum in the construction of each Art Quilt; in turn, this has caused me to push boundaries and I have originated several machine techniques that are unique to my pieces. The complexity of each artwork’s construction means that a single piece may take weeks or even months to complete. Making art quilts is an important part of my life and I receive immense pleasure from working in this medium of artistic expression.”

WOW – I’ve seen some of Judy’s work – AMAZING!! Can’t wait to meet her.

Paula and Jo Ann have been hard at work organizing a mystery quilt for us. Paula will talk about it at the September meeting and we will have sign up in October. The designer of this mystery quilt uses scraps so with any luck this mystery can also be a stash buster. Two in One!

See you at our September meeting. I’ll be the one limping around after spending a week and a half cycling in Nova Scotia – crazy!!

Your Program Committee,
Andrea, Jo Ann & Paula