From the President

I bet I am not the only guild member to say, ” ‘Ah ha’, so that is what has been happening when I stop sewing and my thread breaks. I am just sewing too darn fast and the hot needle is melting my plastic thread.” Now, we know why that has been happening. Even though I have taken Shelley and Bernie’s courses I always seem to learn something or am reminded about something I had forgotten about in regards to my machine. Thank you Program Committee. September’s program was very timely. I am just starting to sew up a storm for Christmas and then there is Community Quilts soon into the New Year.

Speaking of the New Year, if you are considering offering yourself and your time and energy to the Guild you can take the opportunity at our October and November meetings to chat with those people who are currently in those positions and get as much information as you might need. You might even enjoy being on the Executive! In February 2013 we will have our AGM and Elections but we all know how fast the next few months are going to fly by. At that time the positions of President, Secretary, Membership, Workshop Coordinator and one Member-atLarge are up for renewal. Descriptions of these positions are in this issue of the newsletter. I am going to continue bringing up this topic in the next few newsletters so stay tuned.

However, please consider helping with coffee and tea right now! Beginning in January we will need to have a committee of refreshment volunteers to do that job. If many are scheduled to share that task it needn’t be a huge commitment.

At the Executive Meeting the topic of side conversations distracting others during the body of our regular meetings came up. If you must have a side conversation while someone is speaking to the group, please step outside the meeting room to conduct it. Whispering a short comment to your neighbour is acceptable if it does not disturb others. Be respectful of the speaker and if you cannot hear the speaker, please make it known immediately.

While on this topic, please turn your cell phones to vibrate (if they must be on at all) to avoid interrupting the meeting.

Phew! Now on to something fun. Wasn’t Show and Tell awesome like it is every month? And, our Hallowe’en potholders were so lovely and unique, every one of them. I hope everyone is making an effort to dig out those UFO’s or PHD’s, etc. and register them during the October and November meetings. It is a wonderful incentive to inventory your sewing space and complete those kits or even start some of those kits you have purchased.. I have registered 10 projects myself which I want to machine quilt. They have been sitting around at least 10 years. I know that in order to get better at this skill I must practice it and so I will.

See you all on the 23rd of October (the 4th Tuesday of the month) with your lists of UFOs, your mug, your wallet and your Show and Tell projects.

We also need someone to take over the honourable job of guild archivist. You don’t have to be old!

Happy Quilting,