Featured Speaker: Sonja Callaghan

Happy October! Wow! Thank you to everybody who participated in the Hallowe’en Potholder Exchange! What a creative bunch of women we have in this Guild. I was so happy to see the potholders that came in. So much fun.

Please don’t forget to join the TGIF Club. You have two more months to register your unfinished works of art. So far we have between 60 and 70 projects registered. Show and Tell is going to be so much fun in the coming months. Please please please make sure that you let the Programs Committee know when you are showing a finished project so that we can enter your name for the draw prizes. We are accepting the registration of projects in the October and November meetings. Finished projects must be shown at a regularly scheduled monthly Guild meeting (not a COPS Day or a workshop) before the end of May’s meeting. Prizes will be handed out at our June social.

This week we have Sonja Callaghan coming to speak with us. Sonja is a west coast gal from Vancouver BC, and designing quilt patterns is her obsession.

Sonja took up quilting while pregnant with her daughter 11 years ago, and has been busy designing paper pieced patterns for the past 6 years. For the past 2 years she’s been in collaboration with Quiltmaker Magazine, designing kids themed, paper pieced quilt patterns for both their regular issues and their special issues as well. She has several more in the works for Quiltmaker so keep your eye out!

Some of Sonja’s patterns have also been published in collaborative books including Modern Blocks by Susanne Woods and Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays by John Q. Adams, with  more to come.

You can keep up with newly published patterns, read some fun tidbits about the modern quilt scene on the north west  coast, and find all kinds of video and photo tutorials, and free patterns on her blog: Artisania.

I won’t be seeing you this month so I will wish you all a Happily Haunted Hallowe’en now.

Andrea & Your Program Committee