From the President

Welcome to Spring Everyone. I know it is coming because I took the liner out of my winter jacket today and the daffodils are in full bloom. It must be difficult for you gardeners out there to stay in your sewing rooms but you MUST because our quilt show is just one short month away plus a couple of weeks. That is all the time you have. Really!!!! And then don’t forget after the quilt is finished you have to put the proper sleeve on it and make sure you identify it as yours so the return system works its finest.

We had a very nice turnout of members at the March meeting and our program with Dougal Ann Walker was great. The “goodie” table was loaded with assorted sweets. “Happy Birthday” to those of you who had birthdays in March and thank you for letting us celebrate with you. The business portion of the meeting went quickly and our Show and Tell was not large in number but the quality was outstanding as always. So, we had time for a very healthy break of a total of 25 minutes. There was much activity during those minutes: quilt photos and registration for the Quilt Show, our wonderful raffle quilt tickets were being sold, 50/50 lottery was very busy, “Freckles” patterns were being bought, library books were being signed out and then we had a cup of tea with a “goodie” while we took a closer look at the Show and Tell projects.

We had a bit of an “elephant” theme in March at our Show and Tell. I fell in love with the back end of a beautiful, big elephant and then there were colourful elephants in one of Carol Piercy’s quilts. I asked a few people who was it that created the large elephant quilt and Katherine Morgan said she was just too busy looking at the elephant to hear who made it. I think I, also, was so much enraptured by the subject of that quilt that I saw and heard nothing but that quilt. I have to remind myself to take time to look at the quilts closely and listen to the presenters who are showing them. Show and Tell quilts are inspirational, a source of wonderful ideas and a sheer pleasure to look at. Thank you to all those who do share with the guild. Sometimes it can be a little scary to show your work.

At the last Executive meeting we discussed the topic of guests to guild meetings. If you see someone who looks lost and not sure what is happening approach them, they won’t bite. It can be rather intimidating for someone to come into our hall of a hundred or so people and make themselves right at home. They might need a little help with that. Some guests may need to be directed to the membership table and taken under wing. Perhaps you could stay with them and even sit with them, offer them a cup of tea and make conversation. After all, you know they are good people, they are quilters!!

A friend just emailed me and was so happy that one of her pets was recovering and feeling healthy again that she was going to “sew herself into a thread induced stupor for the next month”. I wish all of you a “thread induced stupor” over the next few weeks as you complete those Show Quilts and don’t forget about the Community Quilts. The Community Quilts will be displayed during our May meeting. But, while you are sewing these project don’t forget to have fun, don’t ever forget to have FUN!!

Happy Quilting.