Quilt Show Update

Registrations – we have something on the order of 215 quilts registered for the show. Well done ladies and gentlemen!! If you are anything like me all that remains is to actually finish them in time for the drop on June 6th!!!

Publicity – Gaye McCance is working hard at advertising our show and will need volunteers for a variety of jobs. Please call Gaye or see her at the next meeting if you are able to assist. We will have lawn signs available starting at the April meeting. Lawn signs are our very best form of advertising so if you and/or someone you know has a front lawn/hedge/fence, particularly if it is located on a well-traveled road, that can accommodate a lawn sign please be sure to pick one up and on Saturday the 26th of May set it out so that passing motorists can see it. We also have posters that can be added to message boards or displayed in store windows so if you have a location that you think would be highly visible contact Gaye.

Volunteers – if you haven’t already submitted your volunteer form they are on the website. There are lots of jobs both big and small so let Vicky know what your availability is and she will find a spot that works for you.

Boutique – Krista and Marsha hope that you are busy sewing, knitting, and crafting lots of fabulous items for our boutique. Sometimes pricing can be a challenge; if you are having a hard time valuing your work, have a look at http://www.etsy.com/. This is an online marketplace for handmade items. Simply search for items similar to what you are making and see what others are selling them for.

Education – Jo Ann is looking for assistance with Education. Please give her a call or see her at the April meeting.

Quilt Drop Off & Pick Up – Quilt drop off will take place on June 6th at Delbrook Rec Center. Hours will be announced in the May newsletter and at the May Meeting.

Quilt Show Quiz for Kids – We need a volunteer to create the quilt show quiz. This involves touring the show on Thursday then creating the quiz and getting copies printed for show opening on Friday morning. Talk to Carol Piercy if you are interested.

Merchants – There will be a list of the merchants who will be at the show on our guild website. So get ready to shop, shop, shop!!

Let’s go finish those show quilts!!

Happy Quilting!