Raffle Quilts for the 2012 Quilt Show

The raffle quilts are complete and look super!

For the March meeting there will be raffle tickets for all of us to buy so we can sell them to our family and friends. We will also have pictures of the quilts and pictures on the website.

As we discussed and agreed at the February meeting, the tickets will be packaged 15 in a pack and will cost $25. All of the tickets must be sold at 3 for $5. As we have done previously, the members buy the books of tickets up front for $25, sell the tickets (this money is yours) and return the stubs for the draw. We keep track of member names with the ticket packs to be sure the stubs all get returned for the big draw at the end of the show.

In case you were not at the meeting, the BC Gaming people have become strict about accounting for all ticket sales at each price. They require us to print one series of tickets selling for $2 each and another for the 3 for $5 and keep track of the sales separately. It is much more straight forward to sell the 3 for $5 packs within our guild than to try to mix and match the different series. We will print a small number of $2 tickets to sell at the guilds we visit and at the show. From our previous raffle experience we found the majority of people bought the 3 for $5 tickets within the guild and also at other guilds and at the show. We can see what the demand is for the $2 tickets and decide if it is even worthwhile printing any for next time around.

We need volunteers to help sell our raffle tickets at other guild meetings in April and May. It is interesting to attend the meeting of another guild and we always get a friendly welcome. We also need people to help sell tickets at Lions Gate Hospital in May. There will be a sign-up list at the next meeting.

See you at the March meeting!

The Raffle Quilt Committee
Joan Gold, Linda Heese, Sonia Milanez, Louise Bovet