There are a few months remaining before our big show – plenty of time to create some lovely items for the Boutique. Bust your stash…make a few bucks… buy new fabric to fill out your shelves again! Many visitors come to our show looking forward to purchasing quality handmade items from our members Boutique, so we hope many of you are sewing up a storm. The boutique needs plenty of items to entice shoppers with pretty displays. We’ve already made some suggestions and pointed you in the direction of free online tutorials, but here are a few more ideas: knitted baby items, Baby toys, bibs & quilts, hand-crafted jewelry, pottery, soaps, pillow cases, aprons, purses/wallets, pot holders, dish towels, tea towels, pin cushions, thread catchers, table runners/toppers, placemats, quilted wall hangings, tea cozies, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments. We cannot accept food items, including preserves.

Inventory sheets and a list of guidelines for submitting items for sale are available in the Show section of the website. Please read the guidelines carefully for information on how to label and price your items for sale. All boutique items must be delivered to Delbrook Community Centre during quilt drop off times. Items will not be accepted during the show.

Krista Hennebury and Marsha McKay
Boutique Coordinators