Candidates for Election

Here once again is the list of executive positions that will become vacant in February, 2012, along with a short bio by each member currently running for a new executive position.

This person assumes the duties of the President in her/his absence. Oversees the storage locker and post office box rentals.

Candidate: Katherine Morgan, currently Member-at-Large
“I have been a quilter and a sewer off and on for many years, but got re-acquainted with quilting in 2001 when I was working on the north shore and a friend brought me to a LGQG meeting as a guest. I joined in time to enter a quilt in the next quilt show! Since then I’ve enjoyed the programs, workshops, quilt shows, bus trips, community quilts, and especially COPS days (they’re like a day spa of quilting). For the last year I’ve been a Member at Large, and I have now volunteered to run for the Vice President position as I enjoy being on the Board and contributing to the success of our guild.”

Responsible for all accounting tasks related to Guild business, including preparation of year-end financial statements and required tax returns, as well as preparation of draft and final budgets each year . Presents all budget and financial report details to members at each year’s AGM.

Candidate: Bena Luxton, currently Treasurer

Newsletter Editor
Prepares and distributes the guild newsletter for each of the 9 months of January through June and September through November.

Candidate: Colleen Bohan
“I started quilting about ten years ago when I took a beginner class from a friend. I have been a member of LGQG for five or six years. I’m interested in both traditional and modern quilting. I also like to make bags. I enjoy hand quilting just as much as machine. My only regret is that I don’t have enough time to work on all the projects I’d like to!”

Program Coordinator
Prepares the Program for each guild meeting, including all arrangements for guest speakers and presenters.

Candidate: Andrea Cowie, with committee members Paula Bohan and JoAnne Lee

Members at Large
The two Members at Large (one is elected each year) provide another communication channel to the executive. Responsibilities include greeting people at the door for meetings, coordinating the 50/50 draw, and providing assistance for “show and tell.” A Member at Large, in the second year of the term, will also be the Nominating Committee Coordinator for future elections.

Candidate: Joan Elliott (one-year term)
“I began taking quilting classes in 1997 in an attempt to use up some bits of fabric that I had. In January of 1998, (taking more classes) one of my class mates asked if I’d like to go to the Lions Gate Quilt Guild meeting with her. At the membership table was someone I knew from work and it was a nice surprise that made me feel more at ease right away. I’ve been a member ever since. In 2004, I started working at the Thread Bear and enjoyed it very much; the staff, the fabric and the customers made it a great environment to be in and when the store closed in 2008, I really, really missed all of it. I think that the company of the members is one of the main reasons for being a part of this Guild and, while I’ve always entered two quilts each time we have a show and have always volunteered to help at those times, it’s time to do a bit more. Plus, I’d get to hang out with the cool people.”

Candidate: Terri Gareth (two-year term)
“I started quilting about 30 years ago before the days of templates and rotary cutters! In the last decade I revived my passion with an occasional course but it’s only been since my full time retirement in 2008 that I’ve had the time to give quilting the attention it deserves. I treated myself to a Bernina Artista last year and that sent me down a different path of new technology. I’m planning holiday trips around quilt stores – an adjunct to the geology stops we always make!! Best fun of all is making quilts for babies born into our circle of family and friends and donations to Community Quilts. The guild is a great community of creative, talented women and men and I appreciate all the help I’ve received to date. It is with pride and excitement that I join the executive group and hope I can be of some help to the organization.”

Responsible for set up and take down of library at each guild meeting, recording of books in and out, library fines, and the purchase of new additions to the library.

Candidate: Margo Novak, with helper Debbie Speight
“I have attended the Guild’s Quilt Shows for many years but have only been a member for about a year and a half since ‘graduating from work.’ As a relatively new member, I thought that looking after the library would be a good way to contribute to the Guild and to meet other members (and my first career was as a librarian!) I enjoy the Guild meetings and workshops and look forward to participating in more classes and making new friendships.”

All of the above positions are two-year terms and require the elected members to attend monthly Executive meetings.