Quilt Show 2012 Update

Registrations for the show will be accepted at the February and March meeting, if you are unable to make one of those meetings please mail or hand deliver your entries directly to Elaine Fjoser. Her address is in the guild membership list. The registration committee is taking photos of quilts for a $1 fee to cover the cost of printing. If you supply your own photo please be sure to submit a photo no larger than 4×6”. The final deadline for registration is March 31st if Elaine has not received your registration form and photograph by this date your quilt will not hang in the 2012 show. If you are mailing your entry bear in mind that it must be in Elaine’s or the guild’s mailbox no later than March 31st. Your quilt does not have to be finished to register it but we do need to see the colour scheme and know the finished size within an inch or so.

If you want to sell a quilt you are entering in the show please be sure to indicate on your registration form that it is for sale. Remember you must have been a member in good standing as of December 8th 2011 and have renewed your membership by February 28th 2012 to be eligible to hang a quilt in the show.

Our publicity chair will need assistance with a variety of tasks. Hanging the two vinyl banners, placing plastic signs on district and city properties where we have permits to do so, delivering posters and bookmarks to local shops and setting up directional signs on the day of the show etc. If you are interested in helping with publicity please send me an e-mail (see address below).

Volunteer forms are on the website and were included in the last newsletter. As you know our show doesn’t run without volunteers. The positions and times available are varied so please be sure to submit your volunteer form with your membership renewal. Vicky would like ALL volunteer forms in by the February meeting so she can work on the schedules over spring break.

We are also looking for a billet for one of our merchants, if you can accommodate 1 person in your home for a couple of days please contact me.

And from our Boutique coordinators:
Marsha and I hope that many of you are giving some thought to making items for our Boutique! We have a donation of a 4′ (tabletop) Christmas tree and many people feel there is a demand for handmade ornaments, so for any Christmas crafters out there, you’ll have a lovely display for your wares. Please contact me if you have a quilt rack or other display shelf that you think would help us decorate the boutique and create a welcoming shopping experience for our show guests.

A boutique inventory form will be available on the website later in the spring for all of your items and there will be instructions in the April newsletter for pricing and coding as well. Our Boutique did very well in 2010 and we had a fantastic variety of things for sale. The January newsletter included some internet links to great FREE tutorials online for sewn crafts you may want to consider. We’d love to get an idea of what is coming, so if you plan to make items, or have any questions, please contact Krista Hennebury.

Happy Quilting!