From the President

I attended the Bonnie Hwang workshop Turning Leaves on Saturday the 1st of October. What a great way to start the month. Bonnie was very personable and helpful. When we worried about small aspects of our project she just kept saying, “It doesn’t matter”. She said that a lot on that day. Later, I thought about all the benefits of belonging to the Guild with its variety of programs and workshops. Now these things do matter!!! Along with these benefits comes the output of time and energy needed to organize these guild activities. You know where I am going. Yes, we have an annual general meeting and executive elections coming up in February 2012 which might seem far away but it isn’t!! The positions coming up for election are: Vice President, Treasurer, Newsletter Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Librarian and Member-at-Large. There will be further information on these duties in the November newsletter so please start giving thoughts to volunteering for one of these positions. Sometimes we have cake at our executive meetings …yummmmmm.

A workshop coming up in November is titled Borders, Bindings and Sleeves led by Carol Piercy. Carol did mention that our Quilt Show does have a reputation of quilts that hang very nicely. And that is due to the fact that many of our members have taken this workshop. It does make a difference. Right now, more people must sign up or the workshop will be cancelled. Take advantage of your guild membership and sign up this month or tell Carol of your interest.

If you are getting excited about the Quilt Show after seeing those beautiful Raffle Quilt tops which many of us contributed to remember that you must be a member in good standing 6 months prior to the June 8th / 9th Show in order to show a quilt. That means that you must be a member as of December 8th, 2011 and renew in February 2012.

I want to give everyone a heads up about guild finances. Most of our workshop venues have increased their fees substantially and our membership has decreased this year. Our treasurer, Bena Luxton, will give a full report on our budget situation at our October meeting.

We had an interesting speaker, Terry Aske, along with a trunk show and many show and tell projects at the September meeting. Many people must have been quilting up a storm during our miserable July weather and/or attending the July and August COPS days. Good going folks!!

Finally, remember your name tag, your mug, your cheque book, library books and show and tell of course. See you on the 25th.

Happy Quilting,