Program: Holiday Celebrations

Hello Fellow Quilters!

Can you believe the holidays are just a month away? Ouch! To help you get started on your festivities we are planning a holiday themed November meeting.

First off is a home made Seasonal Gift Exchange (most likely a tree ornament but perhaps something else). If you would like to exchange a small homemade ornament with a fellow guild member please bring it to November’s meeting wrapped and with your name on it. Whoever brings a little gift will get one in exchange. We are making this a small gift exchange because, frankly, Christmas snuck up on me and I barely remembered to announce it in the last newsletter. New Years Resolution #1 – be more organized and plan ahead!

Second, please bring your favourite Seasonal/Christmas decorations that you have made for your home for show and tell. Christmas is actually the only holiday I get super excited about and have made a few things other than quilts. I’ll bring mine to Novembers meeting if you’ll bring yours.

Finally, we’ll have some goodies at the November meeting so please don’t have dessert before our meeting. If you’d like to share some yummy Christmas treats of your own please bring them along too.

During the social part of the evening feel free to browse and check out some demonstrations that will be going on. Carol Piercy will demonstrate using the “Shape Cut Plus” Ruler which is great for cutting strips and squares and is also good for strip piecing. I’ve seen one and it scares me so I’m interested in the demo. Krista Hennebury (possibly with Dianne Ritter if we can convince her) will also be doing a demo of the new Go! Baby Fabric Cutter – just in time for you to add one to your Christmas list. Anne Read is also going to bring our guild album for you to flip through so you can see what the Guild has been up to in the past.

Let’s get these holidays started!