September Meeting: How I Became a Shop Owner

For something a little different to start off the fall, we invited three shop owners to talk about themselves and their experiences. Well, a little talk, more shopping. Based on the feedback we received and the crowds around the shop tables, the format worked and is something we’ll keep in mind for the future.


Special thanks to our own Stephanie of Stitch and Bobbin for stepping in at the last moment with a lovely selection of fabric. We had originally thought having a shop owner who had been in business for many years could give an interesting perspective about the changes in the quilting world, but I found Stephanie’s story resonated with me a great deal and shows just how fast a life can change when you’re willing to take a risk. A set of fat quarters from the ‘Flight’ collection made it into my stash, reminding me of arriving at San Francisco last year on a cruise at the beginning of Fleet Week, and the amazing air show seen from the harbour ferry.


Especially popular were the ‘Thicket’ black and white panels brought by Alanna Volp of Cedar & Needle Modern Fabric in Squamish. Over twenty were sold. Alanna suggested we do a show and tell in the new year featuring the finished quilts. Mine will eventually head to Fort St. John for a Christmas baby, with a touch of blue added. If your Thicket quilt is given away before you have an opportunity to show it at a Guild meeting, send me a photo and I’ll add it to the Programs Report along with mine.


In addition to a purse pattern and some batik fat quarters, I bought an already made up shopping basket (or large purse) from Lois Kelly, the big blue one below, a Christmas present for a friend. I may – may – tell her I didn’t make it myself. The pattern I bought is wonderfully detailed and the method should be much faster than the technique we learned in the workshop last year. It’s not too late to buy something as the kits and patterns are always available at her Etsy shop:


I hope everyone has as much fun as I did!

Laurel Hickey

Programs Coordinator