2016 Raffle Quilts

At the March meeting, we will commence to sell books of Raffle tickets to Guild members, to buy, for advance sales to your family and friends.

In 2014, advance sales of Raffle tickets, by all the members was excellent and it would be great to have the same experience for 2016!

Tickets will be sold in books of 15 tickets, at a cost of $25.00.  The ticket price is 3 tickets for $5.00.  So that means you only have to sell your book of 15 tickets to 5 individuals (3 tickets for $5.00) and your book is complete!

As done in previous years, the member buys the book of tickets up front for $25.00, sells the tickets (now this money is yours) and returns the stubs for the draw.  We will keep track of the members name and the ticket books.

Please return your completed book of stubs to the Raffle Quilt Committee at our monthly meetings.  Please ensure all stubs are returned to the Raffle Quilt Committee for the draw, by the end of show to ensure all tickets are entered into the draw on June 11.

During March, April, May and June, the Raffle Quilt Committee is planning visits to various Quilt Guilds and the Lion’s Gate Hospital to sell Raffle tickets and promote our show.  We are looking for some volunteers to assist us.  Please sign up at the Raffle Quilt table at our monthly meetings.

Remember, all proceeds from the sale of the Raffle tickets goes to our Community Quilts Program.

So remember to bring either some cash or personal cheque to purchase your raffle tickets!!  Thanking you in advance.

The Raffle Quilt Committee
Becky West, Norine McCaffery, Betty Clarke, Suzanne Patchell