From Your President

Good news! As of Feb 9th, we have volunteers who have put their name forward for each of the six vacant Executive positions. If you have been considering putting your name forward, please do so. We will welcome additional nominations from the floor at the AGM. Some of you might like to act in an assistant capacity to support the Executive. All the Executive positions are for a two-year term, and members are expected to attend monthly Executive meetings held on the first Tuesday after our Guild meeting.

Please take time to review the guild proposed budget and the community quilts proposed budget (and financial statements for the year end) in an email earlier this month. Both budgets will be voted on at the AGM. We will also vote on the proposed changes to the constitution, which was also included in the email.

Our wonderful January speaker, Anita Jamieson, and some of the materials she brought to show us.
Our wonderful January speaker, Anita Jamieson, and some of the materials she brought to show us.

Our February program is exciting, and will be an auditory and visual experience. Cathy Miller and her husband John are coming with a program of songs, stories and quilts that they have shared at over 700 quilting events worldwide. To ensure we allow enough time for the program, we will not be having a show and tell this month.

The next two months are going to be very busy both before and after the meetings and at the breaks. We have ongoing registrations, quilt show sign-ups, and quilt show volunteer submissions. We also have the 2016 Quilt Challenge to capture your representation of a book. At the next meeting, you can take advantage of a photography service to capture your show quilt entries. All quilts must be registered by March 31st.

So keep those sewing machines running and humming…. June is coming up quickly.

Bena Luxton,

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