Quilt Me a Story: The 2016 Quilt Show Challenge

Step right up to the 2016 Challenge table at the guild meeting. Is a book now knocking around in your head waiting for you to create a small challenge quilt? Have you got a little Grinch fabric just waiting to be your jumping off point for the next challenge? Have you got a teapot pattern that you just have to add a mouse and you will have a perfect entry quilt titled “The Mad Hatter Tea Party”? Have you just read a great book? Set your imagination free, but first buy a challenge package!

The challenge this year is to make a small quilt that represents your favorite book. It could be a book you have read for yourself or a book you read to a child (perhaps a 100 times). Alternately, you could choose a book that you know would make a great challenge quilt. You do not have to take a pledge stating that the book really is one of your favorites!

The goal is to get very imaginative and express yourself. Be whimsical, be serious, sign up and make a small quilt for the challenge.

We want to have a great challenge display. The entry fee will cover minor costs and the rest will go to fabulous prizes. The winner will be chosen by people attending the quilt show

The cost is $4.00. You can enter more than one quilt! You can enter 3 quilts if you buy three entries. NOTE: The number of entries is limited. They will be available at the meetings at the Challenge table. Bring your Toonies.

More details will be announced at the meeting and in your challenge package.

Barbara Beatty

PS from Dianne: A reminder that quilts you are planning to register for the June 2016 show cannot be hung in another show in BC within the 12 month period before our show.