From Your President

Happy New Year everyone! We have a promising quilting year ahead of us.

January is a busy month and this year, a quilt show year, is even a more exciting one! Our membership is now at 138, and I know each of our members will be scurrying to ready hers or his quilts for the June show. Fortunately we have a monthly COPS day in which everyone is welcome to participate, or to seek assistance with tough quilting questions. I attended on
January 9th, and thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and camaraderie. Our members bring a sense of family to the day.

I was pleased to see that there are members actively considering the role of treasurer for the upcoming fiscal year. On behalf of the current executive we welcome and encourage each of you to consider volunteering for the vacant positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Program Coordinator and Committee, Newsletter, Member at Large, and Librarian.

Yes, some effort is involved in volunteering, but you are never alone in the role, and the current members are available to help smooth the transition. A friendly reminder that the Guild will not run without member participation, so please take the plunge.

Participating in show and Tell? The Guild is capturing the perimeter size of completed quilts in the CQA “counting inches travelling from Lethbridge to Toronto”. Please come with the completed size so that we can avoid guessing.

Travelling to south Vancouver? Our longtime member, Gaye McCance is now at the George Pearson Centre on West 57th between Oak and Cambie. She needs special care, but would like visitors, especially quilting ones. The flexible visiting hours are 8 am to 10 pm.

Based on our history, the formal initiation of the guild was Jan 20th 1987. We are 29 years young. Happy birthday guild members!

Bena Luxton, President