Quilt Me a Story: The 2016 Quilt Show Challenge

All of us have favourite books. The challenge this year is to make a small quilt that represents your favorite book. It could be a book you have read for yourself or a book you read to a child (perhaps a 100 times). Alternately, you could choose a book that you know would make a great challenge quilt. You do not have to take a pledge stating that the book really is one of your favourites!

The goal is to get very imaginative and express yourself. Be whimsical, be serious, sign up and make a small quilt for the challenge.

We want to have a great challenge display. This challenge is not a fund raiser. The entry fee will cover minor costs and the rest will go to fabulous prizes. You get a chance to win and you keep your quilt.

The cost is $4.00 per entry. You can enter more than one quilt; you can enter up to 3 quilts. They will be available at the September and October meetings at the Challenge table. Bring your Toonies. More details will be announced at the meeting.

PS: A reminder that quilts you are planning to register for the June 2016 show cannot be hung in another show in BC within the 12 month period before our show.