From the President

I hope everyone has had a good summer. I know that our family spent much time enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine. This was the first year I successfully grew tomatoes and basil.

Our new sound system received its first use at our June meeting. We had some minor glitches requiring adjustments to minimize feedback. But voices are clear.

Those who attended the June meeting will remember the letter I read from a 1992 Newsletter. It seems like our first formal monthly meeting took place on Jan 20, 1987 but the founding members met to plan it all in the fall of 1986. The Guild is almost 39 years old!

As fall approaches on this, our collective minds are leaning to quilting hours in warm houses, with friends, or at retreats. We have 2 shows coming up – the Amica show on Oct 7th, spearheaded by Leslie Rutledge and a chance to show quilts you have already made and/or shown for a good cause. And our bi-annual Guild show in June 2016.

Welcome back.
Bena Luxton