From the President

Happy New Year Everyone!! We are now in the year 2015. It almost feels like science fiction.

I came across a couple of sayings to do with New Year’s Resolutions. One of them is to think SMART. S = specific, M = measurable, A= achievable, R= realistic, and T= timely. Now that sounds a little too academic for a quilt guild so let’s go with these other two sayings. This year, 2015, let us “Apply the 6 P’s”. They can mean: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance, or, on a more positive note, Proper Preparation Promotes Pretty Precious Projects. And we will have some most wonderful, precious, Lions Gate Quilters’ projects on display at the West Vancouver Memorial Library during January, February and until March 9th. Please make sure you take some time to have a look at this most beautiful exhibit of our members’ talents.

I am very pleased that to date we have four members who have seriously thought about the upcoming vacancies on the Executive and have volunteered to fill them. They are: Jane Andrew, who has been working with Anne Pelton on the Workshops Committee and she is offering to be our Workshops Coordinator; Becky West has volunteered to be a Memberat-Large; Paulette Morton, our current Secretary and Joan Herrin, our Membership gal have both volunteered to continue on in their positions for another term. Thank you so much ladies. We have just one position left to fill on the Executive and that is the position of President. If you feel that you would like to get more involved with guild activities here is your chance. At our AGM in February we will confirm these four people as being on our next Executive or we shall have an election if other members feel a strong pull to be more active in our guild. We have a great bunch of ladies on the Executive and it is a most rewarding experience.

In case you missed getting to our November social and “as good as new” Sale you really missed something special and very timely. I went home with a little change left in my wallet and several Christmas gifts. We had 19 tables set up shared by 16 or 17 vendors. It was a great evening. Thank you for all who participated in the buying and the selling of items and we even managed to squeeze in a FREE table. That FREE table will be back in operation at our January meeting so if you have been house cleaning and sorting and reorganizing your sewing room and need a good home for some of your stuff please bring it along on January 27th. And if you have any leftover holiday baking you can bring that along as well.

We will have a little shopping at our January meeting. Maureen Wood is coming and she will have patterns for sale. Don’t forget about the Layer Cake Workshop on Saturday January 24th. It is going to be such fun and you don’t have to work with a layer cake, you can do any kind of sewing you want. It is the company that is most important. I hope to see lots of you there.

So, remember your name tag, mug, and your cheque book for workshops registration, a little change for the 50/50 draw and above all any Show and Tell you have. Please seriously think of offering up your time and energy by volunteering to be our next President. WE MUST HAVE A PRESIDENT !!!!

Happy Quilting