From the President

I don’t think that I have ever seen such a beautiful array of colours for sale as I did at our October meeting. The goods for sale were an astounding array of threads and fabrics but mostly threads. Wow !! Carola Russell was very entertaining as she demonstrated many ways to make quick and easy quilts along with handy, dandy tips. Fortunately, our guild was able to offer up a mobile design wall. Mind you the design wall, in the form of Inge Grootendorst, did volunteer on our behalf and she was professional, obliging and was not easily embarrassed by all of the attention to the square of fabric fronting her bosom. Thank you Inge for being such a good sport.

And I want to thank guild members for being such good sports in moving from one line to another without any complaints during our break. We had the refreshments line up, the looking to purchase goods line up and then the actual line up to pay for your purchases. It all went very smoothly and we were only 10 minutes late leaving the Hall. If you see Stephen Smith, the church caretaker, before or after our meeting please thank him for all of the work he does for us. He is always accommodating and rarely complains even if we are late and therefore he is late getting home.

We have another opportunity to shop at our November meeting and we usually take this time of year to allow some time for socializing. So, after the business and Show and Tell we shall have our break and the tables of “as good as new” items shall be revealed. If you want to reserve a table or two for the evening please do so immediately through Genevieve Tobin. And if you have been baking up a storm getting ready for some festive celebrations please feel free to bring along some treats to our meeting. Last month we had a lovely assortment of goodies. Thank you to those who remember to treat us.

If you have spent some money on behalf of the guild you must complete and give our Treasurer, Suzanne Patchell, an Expense Submission Form by the November meeting.

Elections and our annual AGM are happening in February so please consider volunteering your time for one of the following positions: President, Secretary, Workshops Co-ordinator, Membership Co-ordinator and Member-at Large.

I want to give a huge thank you to members who have already given me baby quilts and promised me baby quilts to be donated by Friday December 12th to Brenda Acosta, an Outreach Worker in Burnaby. Brenda is working with pregnant women and young mothers. To date I have 27 quilts (16 physically present in my house) and I just know that I will be able to deliver the 40 quilts she hesitatingly asked for.

Remember all the usual items for our next meeting: name tags, mugs, cash and cheque book and Show and Tell and any treats you would like us to test for you.

See you on November 25th.

Happy Quilting