Workshop: Canadiana in Cloth (Dianne Stevenson)

Learn about Canadian history and world contributions like you have never heard before. Each student is encouraged to add blocks and designs that are relevant to their own family background, culture and history, and every quilt is as individual as its maker. You never expected to learn this much about our country while having so much fun.

This is a look at Canadian history in 8 classes over 8 months. Each session is about 3 hours, including a presentation on an aspect of Canadian history or contribution that has had a positive effect in the world, a little break, and then finished off with some patterns that pertain to the lesson. Sewing is done at home.

DATES: Guild meeting days Oct 28/14, Nov 25/14, Jan27/15, Feb 24/15, Mar 24/15, APR 28/15, May26/15, Jun23/15.
TIME: 1:00 to 4:30 p.m.
PLACE: St. Andrews & St. Stephens Church, 2641 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver
COST: $120 (which includes a $30 kit fee for photocopying all her notes)