2014 Raffle Quilts

For the 2014 Quilt show we have two, very different, but beautiful quilts for our draw! At the February meeting we will display the raffle quilts. Raffle tickets will be available for all of us to buy, for advance sales to our family and friends. In addition we will have pictures of each quilt for you to show the purchasers as you sell the tickets! The photos of the quilts will also be available on our website.

Tickets will be sold in books of 15 tickets and cost $25.00. All tickets are to be sold at 3 for $5.00. As done previously, the member buys the book of tickets up front for $25.00, sell the tickets (this money is now yours) and return the stubs for the draw. We keep track of member names and ticket books. Please ensure all stubs are returned to the raffle committee for the draw at the end of our show.

Help us sell raffle tickets and promote our show in June. We will have a volunteer sign-up sheet for members who would like to assist us in selling raffle tickets at other local quilt guild meetings in March/April/May and at Lion’s Gate Hospital.

The Raffle Quilt Committee
Becky West, Norine McCaffrey, Suzanne Patchell, Betty Clarke