From the President

Happy New Year Everyone ! I hope you all had a relaxing and happy holiday season.

I want to thank our Programs Committee for sending out the second set of Mystery Quilt instructions. I worked on the project and it felt very therapeutic. With a mystery one does not have to think too, too much. We just follow the instructions and do what they say. I think that instructions for Mystery quilts must be getting better or my quarter inch is getting much better because I think that I may just keep my points in this quilt, if indeed there are going to be points. Who knows? If you are wondering I do not think it is too late to start this project.

Now, to a little business. The Society Act of BC gives guidance as to Executive positions which come vacant during their term. The Executive felt that we need to outline this procedure in our own Constitution. So, we would like to include this following sentence in our Constitution and we will need your approval at our AGM in February. ” If an Executive position is not filled at the February AGM or comes vacant during its term, then the Executive has the authority to appoint a guild member to that position for the remainder of its term.”

This leads nicely into the topic of Executive positions which need to be filled by new people. We MUST have volunteers for the positions of Treasurer and Programs. The Guild MUST have a Treasurer according to the Society Act and without a Program, what would be the point of having a guild meeting? I ask you? Consider getting a few friends together and volunteering to be the Programs committee. You could take turns coming to the Executive meetings and our current Programs Committee has done much of the planning for the next four months and a little beyond. If your talents lie elsewhere we have openings for VicePresident, Newsletter, and Member-at-Large. The Library position has been filled by Joan Gold and Sonia Milanez. Thank you ladies.

We are making much progress in our guild Walk to Brock. In November Dorothy Porter reported that we measured 9731 inches of quilt circumferences which is more than our September and October months combined. Well done everyone. I think we all must be keeping our Quilt Show 2014 in mind as we busily sew, sew, sew. Keep up the good work.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday January 28th. Bring along any Christmas goodies you still have around the house tempting you and bring along any quilting related “Free” items. Don’t forget your name tag, mug, cash for 50/50 tickets and raffle tickets being sold by guests from the Langley Quilters Guild. Bring your cheque books for Workshop registration; bring your Show and Tell projects along with the circumference totals; come to the meeting with your keen spirit of participation and your happy, smiley faces. I look forward to seeing everyone.

Happy Quilting,