Elections Coming in February

Please make note of the Executive Positions that will become vacant in February 2014.

The job descriptions are brief, but do take the time to read through and consider volunteering for one of the positions. What are your strengths? Where would your talents shine through and benefit the Guild? We need your help!

  • Vice-President:
    Assumes the duties of the President in her/his absence. Oversees the storage locker and post office box rentals.
  • Treasurer:
    Responsible for all accounting tasks related to Guild business, including preparation of year-end financial statements and required tax returns, as well as preparation of draft and final budgets each year. Presents all budget and financial report details to members at each year’s AGM.
  • Newsletter Editor:
    Prepares and distributes the guild newsletter for each of the 9 months of January through June and September through November.
  • Member-at-Large:
    One of two members (one is elected each year) whoprovide another communication channel between the Executive and guild members. Responsibilities include greeting people at the door for meetings, coordinating the 50/50 draw and providing assistance for “show and tell”. In the second year of his or her term, also servers as Nominating Committee Coordinator for upcoming elections.
  • Library:
    Responsible for set up and take down of library at each guild meeting, recording of books in and out, library fines, and purchasing new additions for the library.

All of these positions are two-year terms and require attendance at monthly executive meetings.