“Slow Clothes” Day and Fashion Show

Harmony Arts, West Vancouver’s mid-summer arts festival, showcases a Slow Clothes Day, Tuesday August 6.

A Slow Clothes Fashion show, featuring the work of artists working in various fibre media to produce one-of-a-kind garments, will be presented on the main stage at the foot of 15th St., West Vancouver, at noon. The show will offer the work of over a dozen artists, and is being coordinated by VGFA members, Monica Brammer, Deb Ryan, and Ros Aylmer.

There will be an opportunity to have a close up look and purchase from the artists, after the fashion parade.

At 3pm that afternoon, Charllotte Kwon,of Maiwa Handprints will present Waiting For the Monsoon, Slow Clothes in India. Join Charllotte as she explains her involvement with the peoples of India to bring the work of their artisans to markets right here in Vancouver.

Slow Clothes are made, one at a time, by artisans steeped in the history and traditions of the process, and whose work results in articles of singular beauty. Two events not to be missed by lovers of fine textile work.