From the President

After our May meeting I have decided that my quilts need more sparkles. Over the past few months we have had wonderful speakers who have had very glittery, bright coloured quilts and I am wanting to get with the program and see if I can perk up some of my smaller wall hangings. I could start with Christmas and make sparkling snowflakes to dress up my goofy, cartoony reindeer. I must approach our new Workshops committee and see if they can look into this for me. I think I might have to wait a few years since they have been very active and booked several workshops already. My goodness, I have not seen such a crowd at the Workshops table for a long time. I think that clothesline they had of fabric streamers definitely caught our members eyes and they were drawn in. Well done Workshops committee.

Our May speaker, Cynthia Frenette, accompanied by her husband, Norm, fascinated us with the telling of the whole process of quilt design and creation using mixed media. I enjoyed hearing about the process and seeing her finished projects. We got to see them up close and then there was SHOPPING. I am looking at my purchases as I write this article. I bought several fat quarters, fabric which I have seen nowhere else. Now, I own fabric with skulls on it and gals in fishnet stockings on roller blades. And then to top off that piece of fabric there are the words “Skate or Die”. Cynthia definitely designs unique fabric. I have teenagers in my family and I am excited about just showing them my purchases. I may have to go to Cynthia’s online store, Spoonflower, and purchase more if needed. She has some very cute quilt labels for sale and if you are looking for anything unique she is the gal to look up.

In June we have the presentation of Community Quilts and the winners of the TGIF Program along with a social evening of talk and food and drink. We may have more than one winner depending on the size of the money pot and what our Program committee decides. So, if you have a few Community quilts tucked away this is the month or perhaps the week to finish them up. Even if you only have time to finish the top bring it to our meeting and perhaps someone else will volunteer to finish it over the summer.

Our attendance has been standing strong at just under 100 members per meeting. If you have a friend or acquaintance who you think might be interested in joining our lovely group this would be a great meeting to come to. They will get a great presentation of Show and Tell in the form of our Community Quilts along with a cup of tea, some treats and great company. What a fine way to entice people to join us. Our Community Quilts Program is an important aspect of guild life and one we should all be proud of. We provide community service using our time in doing an activity we love to do. This has got to be Good Karma!

See you all on the 25th with your most important name tag, your mug, library books, library fine(s) money and also 50/50 raffle money, your cheque book for Workshops registration, any “free” quilt related items for others to enjoy and your own personal Show and Tell along with any more Community Quilts you have finished. I wish you all a lovely, relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Happy Quilting (or gardening or socializing or traveling etc.),