From the President

Good news, everyone!! We have a Workshops Coordinator and a committee. Thank you Anne Pelton for volunteering to chair the committee and attend the monthly Executive Meetings. And thank you Anita Jones-Gould, Jane Andrew and Clarice Hobson for volunteering your time to serve on the committee. On behalf of the guild and all of those who love Workshops of all descriptions I thank you. During the past months several people have apologized to me and some of the other Executive members for not being able to give more time to the guild. I think that Anne had some serious thinking to do until she was able to commit to taking on this job. But the time needs to be right for all of us who volunteer our time. And if the time is not the right time now, it will be in the future. The time finally came available to me when I could give of myself and I am really enjoying meeting and working with guild members. So, now, we have a full complement of Executive members. I am a happy woman.

I received an interesting letter last week from a group of North Shore quilters who have started up a business geared to quilters. It is called Quilt Stash, Squared. More information is in this newsletter or our next newsletter. I shall just quote a part of the letter which might peak your interest. “We are quilters who gleefully collect fabric every chance we get, sometimes for specific projects, sometimes just for the joy of adding to our stashes. We had an idea to get all the wonderful fabric sitting in quilters’ bins, boxes and closets and market them in an online shop. It’s our quilters’ community stash shopping project.” Their website is – take a look.

I attended another Guild Gathering Meeting on April 13th along with two other members of our Guild. During the day we discussed the following topics: “Blogs”; Executive/Directors set of up of our various Guilds; Monetary Grants for guilds; Charity choices of guilds; Guild Socials and the “Talent within our guild/Teachers” sharing list. All those who attend can be part of a DropBox system of sharing guild information. The technology of DropBox is great but those of us who are not as knowledgeable as others are not as comfortable with the system. I am doing fine with the technology but others are struggling. The Dropbox system allows us to share big time. At the meeting there were 29 people representing 14 guilds. Most of the guilds were quilt guilds but there were a couple of Textile guilds there. Our next meeting is Saturday October 26th from 10 until 3 in Langley. If anyone is interested in coming with me you are welcome. We already have two topics on the agenda and they are Trips and Retreats.

Our next guild meeting is on the fourth Tuesday of May, the 28th. We have had 5 weeks between meetings this month so just a little extra time to get those UFOs finished and ready to Show off. This month is your last opportunity to Show and Tell about your registered projects. Don’t forget your Show and Tell, library books and library fines money, your mug, 50/50 raffle ticket money, left over birthday ‘goodies’, your name tag and your happy, smiling face.

Happy Quilting,