From the President

At our last Executive meeting our Program chair Andrea Cowie said, “What are the chances of having two presenters in a row who do not seem to know the meaning of a ‘small’ quilt?” Indeed. Lynne Fanthorpe, a quilter and machine quilting artist, treated us to a most enjoyable talk and trunk show. She is a member of the Fraser Valley Quilt Guild and she brought their Show Raffle Quilt and sold tickets to our members. She had a very busy evening. Truly, a one woman show.

I want to thank those members who jump up and volunteer to help with our Show and Tell portion of the meeting. With our UFO/ TGIF/ etc. projects in full swing there are many, many, quilts to see and hang for better viewing. So, thank you so much for making that part of our evening move quickly and smoothly.

Somehow, a table for ‘free items’ has sprung up at our guild meetings, much like our spring flowers. And that is okay. If you are doing some spring cleaning on these fine days and come across sewing room items which need a new home please do bring them to guild meetings. But, you MUST take any of your treasures home with you if no one wants them. At our Executive meeting Rosalind was looking for a home for a sewing tote. She found a delighted taker. It really is a win, win situation all round. Please give me a heads up if you need more than the portion of one table so we can accommodate you.

I announced at our last guild meeting that we have a Raffle Quilt Committee. The chair is Becky West, along with Norine McCaffrey, Suzanne Patchell and myself, Betty Clarke. We are a very keen group. At our March guild meeting I was really pushing the FUN factor of being on a committee.

And as luck would have it we still have a committee which needs filling and that is? You guessed it – Workshops !!! Personally, I never thought much about the benefits of guild sponsored workshops until we discussed them at the Executive meeting. I just think they are fun to go to. But, not only are they fun to go to, but quilts that are produced at Workshops often end up being on display in our Quilt Show or as donations to Community Quilts. I have donated at least 5 different quilts that I have made at Workshops to our Community Quilts program. Maybe you have taken one or more of the following workshops we have had in the past year or so: Twist-and-Turn Bargello, Bonnie Hwang’s workshop, Needle Turn Applique, Mystery and Seminole quilts along with many others. I am registered for Thread Play in May and can hardly wait. I know we will be seeing some of these workshop creations in our June 2014 Album of Quilts Show. WE NEED WORKSHOPS AND WE NEED A COMMITTEE TO ORGANIZE THEM FOR US !!!

For those of you who enjoy the Guild Retreat Marg has booked the next two years. Here are the dates so you can mark them in your calendar: Feb.27-March 2, 2014 and Feb. 26 – March 1 (2015). The Ridge Meadows Quilt Guild will be guests at our April meeting and they will be bringing their raffle quilt to help advertise their Show on May 3/4. There will be no Workshops table at our next meeting so if you are interested in registering for Thread Play on May 4th please contact or speak to Joan Herrin. She has graciously agreed to help with this workshop. Don’t forget your mug, library books, cheque book, cash for 50/50 and raffle tickets and overdue library books, “goodies” if you were an April baby and of course all of your Show and Tell. See you all on Tuesday April 23rd.

Happy Quilting,