Membership Report

Spring is in the air, the colours are popping up everywhere! On some of my walks I’ve noticed the daffodils, crocuses and snow drops. I’ve even seen some beautiful tulips. Spring is so refreshing and renewing. Speaking of renewing, have you renewed your membership yet? I want to thank the members that have and say Welcome! to our new members. Our new membership list will go out with the April newsletter.

Did you know that in order to participate in the Lions Gate Quilt Guild show, you must be a member in good standing for 6 months prior to the show? That means you must pay your membership in full before the November meeting. So be sure to get your membership in. For renewals, there is no fee break, that is for new members only. Do you know someone who would like to visit our guild? The first visit is free, after that, there is a drop in fee of $ 5.

To date we have 108 members. Congratulations to our door prize winners of the February meeting: Boudina Jones and Tanith Laughton. We had 89 members attend our February meeting.

Happy Stitching!
Kate Burzuk