From the President

Thank you to the almost 90 members who came to our AGM in February. Not only did we discuss important topics like our Budget but we acknowledged Executive members who were leaving and we welcomed new members to the Executive, although we only have one new member at the present time. Paulette Morton kindly volunteered to be our Secretary and at our Executive meeting this week she seemed right at home taking notes. We still need some people to step forward and take on Workshops. And I may have to do some serious pestering in the next few months. Rosalind took a moment to thank Edna Simpson for all the time and effort she has given to our Community Quilts Executive over the past many, many years. And we did not forget about many other people who are behind the scenes helping us all enjoy guild activities.

I just reread the newsletter blurb of Andrea’s description of our Program presenter we had in February. Let me quote Andrea. “I love Marika’s use of colour and design. She is fearless and her embellishing is magical.” I am talking about Marika Dauberman who is a member of our guild and apparently very shy. Marika, you did very well indeed for a shy gal. You were “fearless”. It does take a lot of courage to get up and speak in front of a bunch of people even when they are lovely members of a quilt guild. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I bet more people will know your name now and be able to say hello.

“Giving is Good for the Soul.” That was the headline of an article written by Drs. Oz and Roizen in one of this month’s Province newspapers. I like the next bit too. “Generosity is an essential nutrient. It fuels the body with good energy and strengthens not just relationships, but the heart, immune system and your desire to be good to yourself, too.” I saw much generosity during the two days of sewing we did for our Community Quilts Program on March 8th and 9th. Just think of all the good “stuff” we were doing for ourselves as we gave of our time and energy to help others in our community. There is a great deal of preparation that must be done in order for these two days to be a success. Many hands do indeed make light work or rather lighter work. Our Community Quilts Committee must be highly commended for their efforts. Everyone who took a quilt kit or two this year or in the past and all of you folks who have thought about finishing a quilt that you intend to give to Community Quilts have about three months to finish your projects. At our June meeting we are going to be treated to seeing our efforts on parade. I can hardly wait.

Here I go with the pestering business I mentioned earlier in this write-up. I just received an email on a possible Program and Workshop speaker who is setting up a travel schedule during the next few months and I feel very frustrated in that I cannot forward it to someone. We are missing out on some fun, educational and exciting quilting adventures. Interested parties, please contact me ASAP.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, the 26th of March (the fourth Tuesday of the month). Remember your mug; your cheque book if you want to sign up for our May workshop called Thread Play; all of your TGIFs, UFOs or simply those unfinished projects you have now finished; cash for those 50/50 tickets and for quilt show raffle tickets being sold by the visiting Fraser Valley Guild; and if it is your birthday in March please bring us a little bit or a lot of your birthday cake. We enjoy our treats.

Happy Quilting,