Consider Volunteering for the Guild

Joan Herrin, our wonderful Workshop Coordinator, will be completing her 2nd two year term. That means that even if she begged us, she wouldn’t be able to run for a 3rd term. Nope. It’s not allowed. So if you want workshops, someone is going to have to run for the position. HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!

Only 2 more meetings until ELECTION TIME so please, start thinking about this great opportunity to get more involved with your guild, meet more people and to learn about the inner workings of this organization!

The election of Directors is held at the AGM in February of every year, but only for half of the Board each time. The coveted two year positions, which will be available in 2013, are as follows:

PRESIDENT -Manages the guild -Prepares agendas for, and chairs, General and Directors’ meetings -Receives communications from members & the public -Prepares a report for each newsletter issue

SECRETARY -Keeps minutes of all meetings -Prepares correspondence & notices as requested by the Directors

WORKSHOP CO-ORDINATOR -Arranges workshop instructors, venues and schedules -Announces workshops -Collects & reconciles fees and submits to Treasurer

MEMBERSHIP CO-ORDINATOR -Collects dues -Provides information to new members -Maintains membership list

MEMBER-AT-LARGE (one of two) -Presents quilts at Show & Tell -Sells 50/50 tickets -Sends cards to members to comfort, console or celebrate

If you would like to run for one of these positions, or you’d like to nominate someone, please contact either Joan Elliott or Terri Gerath