Community Quilts Needs a Treasurer

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

Thank you for the support you are giving to Community Quilts. All of the people receiving your quilts are very glad and grateful to have them. If you need batting to finish a quilt or a kit to make another one, please call me or anyone on the committee.

I hope you are able to attend our workshop on March 8th and 9th with the set up happening on March 7th.

We badly need a volunteer to step forward to be our treasurer. Please let me know if you are willing. The books are very well set up and maintained by Edna Simpson who would help you settle into the task. Most of the task can be completed on your own time at home.

We also need two volunteers to look after the Quilt Raffle for the 2014 Quilt Show. Again, the instruction and records book is all set up. We may even have 2 quilts for you to use, if you feel that the task of making quits would be too much to handle.

See you at the meeting on November 27th