Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

After much anticipation the day had finally come, we were off to Sisters. On the first day with little delay at the border our first stop was at Haggen’s for coffee and “refreshments” to enjoy along the way. Lunch at Red Lobster was a real treat and then it was off to Fabric Depot in Portland. This store is huge! Imagine walking into Costco and all you can see is fabric and notions. With a 35% discount we managed to fill our bags and then some. After a night at the Hilton and a wonderful breakfast we headed out to the Pine Needle in Lake Oswego. They graciously open at 8:30am and we returned the favour by almost clearing their table of Take 5 kits and more. Then it was off to Greenbaums Quilted Forest in Salem. The store was literally filled to the rafters with beautiful quilts and unique fabric. After lunch it was time to head out for a scenic drive to Redmond and an unscheduled roadside stop. The bus got a little overheated and needed a rest on the long mountain climb. Maybe it was all the extra weight we had been adding along the way.

At last it’s Saturday the day we have all been waiting for. The day started out bright and sunny with everyone on the bus by 8:00am. After a quick ride we were at Sisters by 8:30am and the race was on to see the 1300 quilts on display and what a display it was. There were quilts everywhere you could imagine, on the side of buildings, hanging from balconies, on fences, clothes lines and more difficult places that involved help from the fire truck’s ladder. The quits were amazing! It didn’t matter what style you preferred it was on display for your enjoyment.

Alas all good things must come to end and after five amazing hours it was time to head for the bus and a first in the history of the show. It started to rain, just a few drops as we boarded and then the rain hit along with thunder and lightening. As we sat in traffic heading out of town the volunteers were frantically taking down the quilts. For the first time in the history of the show it closed early at 3:00 pm due to rain.

It was a long drive home on Sunday but not a dull one. There wasn’t a silent moment on the bus, everyone chatted about the show and experiences along the way and enjoyed some “refreshments” as well.

Thank you to all the guild and non-guild members that blended together to make this a memorable trip.

Lions Gate Quilters Guild – Grouse Mountain Day Quilters Guild – Seymour Quilters Guild – Pacific Spirit Quilters Guild – Blue Mountain Quilters Guild – Fraser Valley Quilters Guild – Yuma Quilters Guild – Mollie Nye Quilters Group and The Ladies of New Westminster.

Brenda Sangster