Program: “Together” Slide Show

Did you ever think that quilting should be considered an art? Vivian Kapusta will be doing a slide show presentation for the “Together” show that was in La Conner. Fibre artists worked with artists in another art medium, they chose their theme and worked to interpret that theme. Side-by-side they displayed their work. The results were amazing.

I was upset to miss the Together Show and am thrilled that Vivian is willing to share her presentation with us.

Also at our May meeting: Please sign up for our Hallowe’en potholder swap. We had so much fun doing swaps last year that we thought we’d try one more.

We’re asking people to sign up for the swap in May for the small participation fee of $2. In June, we’ll hand out to all those who signed up a set of guildelines for the swap as well as the insulated batting required for the potholders. The potholders are to be ready for swapping at the September meeting where we will also have a draw from the names of people who finished their potholders for the money left over from the participation fee collected, if any, after purchasing the batting. I already have my Hallowe’en fabric picked out for my swap partner…whoever he or she may be. See you on the 22nd!

Andrea & Your Program Committee