Library News

Hello, Fellow Guilders!

I am pleased to takeover as your new librarian for the next two years and look forward to meeting more Guild members. Many thanks to Cathy Jamieson for the great work she and her colleague Pamela Pellegrini did in maintaining and expanding our collection. It is in great shape and well organized.

I want to especially thank Cathy for her encouragement and ongoing support, however, she tells me that running the Library is a job for more than one person! So here is my plea for your help! I would be most grateful if someone would be willing to step forward and assist me on an ongoing basis – if you love quilting books, here is your opportunity to select what goes into our collection!

As well, I will need some additional help with setting up, loaning out books, etc. at each Guild meeting, so if you would like to help out on an occasional it would be most appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Margo Novak