From the President

What a great turn out we had at our AGM in February. The business portion of the meeting, which was made up of reports and many motions along with the Elections, was long but then we got to see Show and Tell, have a quick cup of tea and listen to and watch a lovely trunk show by Vivian Kapusta. But, our Executive reassured me that the time seemed to go quite quickly. We even had a laugh or two. I really need to thank the outgoing members of the Executive for the time and energy they have given to the Guild over the past years. Thank you Anne Pelton (Secretary and Vice President over a three year period); Helen Jorgensen (Newsletter Editor), Cathy Jamieson (Librarian), and Suzan Gauthier Kolker (Member-at-Large). Bena Luxton (Treasurer) and Andrea Cowie (Programs chair) have volunteered to serve the Guild for two more years. Hooray! Our brand new Executive members are Colleen Bohan (Newsletter Editor), Margo Novak (Librarian), Terri Gerath (Member-at-Large for two years) and Joan Elliott (Member-at-Large for one year). Katherine Morgan stepped up and offered to take on the Vice President’s position for a two year term after serving one year as Member-at-Large. Another Hooray!

We are looking forward to a very busy Spring. We started this month with two days of Community Quilts activities on March 2nd and 3rd. Rosalind and her committee were pleased with the number of members who came out to sew for Community Quilts. They had the church hall organized into sewing areas (machine and hand), cutting areas, shopping areas (in a sense – the fabric was free as long as you put it into a community quilt). There were tables set up for cutting and assembling kits and the “goodies.” I could write a paragraph about the “goodies.” One of the purposes of our Guild as stated in the Constitution is “to provide a community service through the creation of quilts for a variety of community facilities/services and individuals as needed.” We look forward to seeing all of our efforts at a huge Show and Tell at the May meeting. On a personal note, I took 4 kits last year which will be complete by May, I promise. Rosalind is accepting kits back with a “guilt free” tag attached. The North Shore News dated March 7th gave an entire page to Lions Gate Quilt Guild Community Quilts. We look like a very happy group of people. Well done, Community Quilts Committee.

Our Quilt Show Committee is getting into high gear. Just one more month to register your quilt/s. All registrations plus photos must be in by March 31st. Dianne Ritter put out a call for much needed help in the Publicity Department. So, please think about the different aspects of that particular job and let Dianne know where you would like to help. Our Show is always a success because it involves every guild member. Our Quilt Show Committee spends much time laying the foundation and the rest of us need to help with the building and decorating. Our Raffle Quilts will be on display at the March meeting and the proceeds of those tickets go to supplies for Community Quilts. See how interconnected we are?

Happy Quilting