From the President

Just before our October meeting I googled Eileen Wright and saw some of her quilts on the Satin Moon website. I just kept saying “Wow”. And then to see them up close was great. I felt that I could almost step inside some of them. We had a great turnout of about 114 people so I hope you all enjoyed the program and sign up for Eileen’s bargello workshop in April 2012. In September several people asked about workshops by Terry Aske especially her portrait work. If you would like to explore that type of quilt activity please contact Joan Herrin or myself.

I would like to report that Paula Bohan (Program rep) and I attended a Guild Gathering meeting in October initiated by Cathy Galbraith, President of the Fraser Valley Quilters Guild. I was impressed that 13 guilds were represented by 28 people. The meeting was 3 and 1/2 hours and included lunch. The purpose of the meeting was to share ideas on an assortment of topics such as program speakers, workshop presenters, finances, executive tasks and any other items that pertain to guild management and education. Some of the more computer savvy reps have set up a way for guilds to share information and now I must learn more about how these computer programs work. But I am motivated because this is going to be a wonderful asset to all of the guilds in the lower mainland. Our next meeting is going to be in late April and we are hoping to have even more guilds represented.

At our October meeting Bena Luxton presented some ideas as to the state of our finances. I did get emails from a couple of members giving us feedback but we need to hear from more members as to how they feel. The executive can then make financial decisions with as much input as possible. On a budgetary note, members who need to be reimbursed for monies spent please submit your receipts along with an expense submission form to Bena as soon as possible. Her year end is Dec. 31st. So, please submit those by the November meeting. If you need a form please email me or Bena.

Your membership card is a great asset. Fabricana will give you 10% off your purchases if you belong to a guild. But you need to have that card handy. Mine sits in my wallet just behind my Visa card.

You also need to show your membership card in order to sign out library books and to register for workshops. The librarians and workshop committee may not always ask to see your card but they may. And, of course, please wear your nametags to guild meetings. They may win you a door prize and people can learn your name much faster if it is affixed somehow to your body.

While on the topic of membership Kate Burzuk needs help. She could use a committed group of 3 or 4 individuals who can help at the membership table and with meet and greet activities. A reminder that If you want to display a quilt in the Show in June you must be a member in good standing as of December 8th. Please email Kate or myself if you can help at the November meeting. And since I am talking volunteers here please continue to talk to Executive members and find out what their position is all about. Vice President, Treasurer, Program Coordinator, Newsletter Editor , Library Coordinator and Member-at-Large are the positions coming up for election at our AGM in February.

The Constitution Review Committee will be presenting a new updated version through our website a week or so before the guild meeting. We want to have a discussion at our November guild meeting lasting from 20 to 30 minutes if need be. And then, another slot of time during the January meeting for discussion. You may have already received info about this before you receive this newsletter.

Finally, if your birthday is in November or December bake a few extra cookies and bring them to guild. We all want to share in the festivities although this month our program committee will be offering up some goodies as well. Don’t forget your name tag, mug, cheque book, library books, calendar, Christmas exchange ornament and special Christmas Show and Tell as well as any other sort of Show and Tell. We love to see what folks are sewing up. See you all on the 22nd of November.

Happy Quilting,