To the Lions Gate Quilters Guild…

Thank you for the beautiful handmade quilt for our baby girl Reiko, who was born nine weeks early and spent six weeks at the hospital. It was so nice for her to have such a lovely, personal blanket to keep her warm, especially since she didn’t have much fat until recently! Now that she’s home, she’s growing into her skin and has lots of rolls and dimples, and we have her lying on top of the quilt when it’s too hot to sleep under it. It’s a gorgeous yellow design with whimsical animal, toy and carnival designs and goes perfectly with her room decor.

It is so thoughtful of you to give these lovely pieces to babies who often face challenging starts to their lives and who don’t get to be home in the arms of their parents for several days or weeks. The quilts almost certainly become treasured keepsakes that will be passed on for generations to come. Thank you again, …..

Ali, Mori, Akira & Reiko