Quilts for Japan, Guatemala

Quilts for Japan
Near the end of July I received an email outlining a second phase of relief efforts for the survivors of the Japan earthquake/tsunami region. This phase is called “Project Threads of Hope”. They are asking quilters to donate pre-cut quilting kits (as specified on their website: http://www.quiltsforjapan.ca/ as well as sewing and embroidery supplies. A tentative date of Sept. 24th was set as a deadline for collecting these kits and supplies.

Quilts for Kids in Guatemala
Another project geared to helping orphaned and abandoned children is Project Somos in Guatemala. The project’s goal is to build an eco-sustainable children’s village that will house 50 kids. Their goal is to gift each child that moves into the village with a unique quilt of their own. The details of the project are on the website: http://www.projectsomos.org/

Betty Clarke

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