This summer the library was put in order and some new books added. All books were not returned, unfortunately, so we are still trying to locate some of them. If we have been in touch with you, please look for the books we mentioned and bring them to the September meeting. We felt with all the books we have that we needed more space, so most of the binders with our old newsletters and meeting minutes have been removed and stored in the locker. We also removed all the photo albums, put them in order and they are also in the locker. We will post a complete list of the stored books at a later date. We did not find a record of the 2010 Album of Quilts in the library, so if anyone knows who might have pictures of the show could they contact us? We are always looking for library helpers so if anyone can assist us this year, please see us at the meeting or contact us via email.

Looking forward to another good year and more of the great suggestions we have been receiving.

Cathy and Pamela