Workshop: Jelly Rolls in Paradise

Who among us can honestly say that we have never bought a jelly roll and then don’t know what to do with it? Or wished we did buy a luscious one we saw? Well, this is your chance to make it into a quilt top – or your excuse to finally buy one, of course, to make on your own. We’ll share patterns and ideas, and get started on that jelly roll quilt. You can come with an idea, or just with a jelly roll and some yardage. The day will start with a “Jelly Roll Show and Tell.” This is a fun, no-pressure social day, with lunch included. Hosted by Carol Piercy.

DATE: Saturday, January 21, 2012
TIME: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
PLACE: St. Stephen’s Church Mountain Highway & 27th Avenue, North Vancouver
COST: To be determined