New Additions to the Library for April

Hi quilters!

Good news! The Modern Triangle Quilts book that didn’t arrive in time for our last meeting is here! And because Canada Post seemed to have lost it, the online bookstore sent us a replacement. Then two copies arrived on the same day a couple of weeks later. They didn’t want me to send it back or pay for it. I thanked them profusely and let them know it will be a door prize at our next meeting. Thank you to the Book Depository!

The other new books I have for the next meeting are donations, for which I’m very thankful! The first one is Happy Endings – Finishing the Edges of Your Quilt by Mimi Dietrich. It was first published in 1987, and has been updated many times. It’s a great reference on all the ways to finish your quilts with fancy bindings, piping, scalloped edges, prairie points – everything you can imagine! This is one of the first quilt books I bought and I still use it all the time.

The last two books I have are nice little hard covers from the Pretty Little Series by Lark Books, Pretty Little Pincushions and Pretty Little Potholders. They were also donations to the library. The series is a set of compilations of projects by many designers and bloggers. Both books include a great selection of small projects using scraps and all sorts of materials including corduroy, lace, wool felt and rick rack, and using many techniques including quilting and embroidery. You may recognize a potholder by a local designer, Laurraine Yuyama. These kinds of projects make sweet gifts and are a fun way to try new techniques!

We will be having another book and magazine sale at the June meeting, so you can start sorting through your library in preparation. However, please hold on to your books for now, and bring them to the June meeting. I don’t have room to store them, and my husband was getting a little annoyed by the constant presence of a box in the front hall of our apartment.

You can browse our entire library catalogue at .

If you want to place a hold on any book, or suggest new acquisitions, you can contact me by clicking Librarian on the Contact page of our website: .


See you next week!

LGQG librarian