Quilt Show Update: One Month to Go

As I write this we are exactly one month from opening day of our show. Plans are in full swing and the committee members are hard at work taking care of the final details that make our show run so well.

I expect there are some of you who are working diligently to finish your show quilts, I know I am.  At this point all 243 registered quilts have an assigned space.  If you absolutely have to pull a quilt please let us know as soon as you possibly can so adjustments can be made.  Leslie says that we have the perfect number of quilts and the show is going to be fabulous.

Some final reminders:


Lawn signs – our best form of advertising – will be available at the May meeting. They should be erected May 26th and taken down late day June 11th or on June 12th. The frames are expensive to replace so please be sure to return them at either pick up or the June meeting.

Posters – Anne had sent our show poster via email. Please email it to friends and family, post it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, print it off and display it in your vehicle window. Whatever you can do to get the message out there.

Quilts must:

  1. Have a sleeve attached by stitching. No glue or pins please
  2. Have your name and phone number on the sleeve or the label
  3. Have a dowel, complete with eye hooks, attached (for quilts 48” or less)

Drop Off:

Drop off will begin at 6:30 PM on June 8th at the southern entrance of the Sportsplex.  Please remain outside until advised that the registration team is ready for you.

Drop off will end at 8 PM.

You will be given a receipt for your quilt which you MUST present at pick up in order to collect your quilt. If someone else submits your quilts, please remember to get your receipt from them for pick up.

Please fold / roll your quilt so the label can be seen with little effort.  This is particularly important if you are bringing in quilts that belong to someone else.

We will have an area set aside for quilts needing special handling (3D, fragile, etc.).  Please remember to let us know if your quilt needs special attention.

Boutique Items/ Education Items/ Challenge Quilts:

Drop Off – Tables will be set up in the concourse to receive these items. Please drop these items off before lining up to submit your quilts.  Make sure ALL of your items are labeled.

Boutique items will be accepted at the time of Quilt Drop-Off ONLY. All items must be individually priced according to boutique instructions and accompanied by a completed and signed inventory form. If you have a number of small items, it would be helpful if you provided a complete ‘display’, like arranging your items in a basket, wooden box or display rack, if possible.

Pick Up – Tables will be set up in the concourse. Please remember to collect your belongings.

Cheques for boutique sales will be available for pick up at the June meeting


  • Must check in at the volunteer table located in the center hallway just off the concourse.
  • Please arrive to check in 10 minutes before your scheduled shift

Members who have not volunteered in some capacity must use a ticket to enter the show.

Your name tag will contain two slips for voting – one for your favourite quilt and one for the CQA ribbon. The criteria for the CQA voting will be on the ballot. Please read the criteria and take the time to vote.

Members viewing:

Members will have an opportunity to view the quilts, sans public, after gallery closing on Friday evening from 5 – 6:30 PM.


Voting will end at 1 PM on Saturday. Ribbons will be awarded at 2 PM.

Pick Up:

We have exactly two hours from gallery close to exit the Sportsplex. A monumental amount of work has to be completed in a short period of time.  For matters of safety and expedience please note these instructions:

If you are not directly involved in some aspect of take down please wait outside the building until 6 PM.

Pick up of quilts will begin at approx. 6PM on June 11th at the southern entrance of the Sportsplex

Remember to bring your receipts.  Quilts will NOT be returned without them.

Pick up will end at 6:45 PM sharp.  Quilts that have not been collected by 6:45 will be brought to the June meeting.

Once you have your quilts/boutique items/challenge quilt/Education items please exit the building.

Most importantly, take time to enjoy our show. Invite your friends and family, stay for tea, have fun and share your love of quilting with our guests.  We have an amazing guild filled with talented quilters and this is our time to showcase the fabulous items we create with needle and thread.

I am excited to see what we have created!

Dianne Ritter,
Quilt Show Coordinator