Quilt Show Report

Quilt Show Year has begun! This month the focus is on Registration and Volunteers.

Registration: Your first opportunity to register quilts is the January meeting, the last opportunity is at our meeting on March 22nd. Registration forms and the rules and regulations are included with this newsletter and will be available going forward on our website.

When registering a quilt at the meeting please remember that you must stay with your quilt until the registration is complete. Depending on the number of members registering this may take some time. You can also submit your registration by mail, remembering the deadline for submission. Please refer to the registration package for details on mailing address etc. DO NOT mail your registration to the guild mailbox.

Your quilt does not need to be complete to be registered. A picture giving a good representation of the colours and the size within a couple of inches is all that is absolutely required.

Volunteers: Forms are also included with this newsletter and will be available on our website. The deadline for submitting them is the February meeting. It is the expectation of the guild that every member volunteer for AT LEAST TWO SEPARATE SHIFTS DURING our show. Some positions require walking rather than sitting. If you have physical limitations please be sure to note that on your volunteer form so that Vicki can accommodate you.

Hanging: As previously noted there are changes to our hanging methods for this show. Detailed instructions will be included in the February newsletter. If you are attaching a sleeve before then please use a 4 inch sleeve on quilts over 48 inches wide. Quilts less than 48 inches wide should have a 2 inch sleeve. The sleeve should end 1.5 inches before the edge of the quilt.

Our show would not be possible without the support of volunteers and the task of scheduling all of the shifts required is a large one. Please assist Vicki in her volunteer position by submitting your forms as soon as possible.

Thank you for registering your quilts and volunteering to do your part to make our 2016 show a success!

Dianne Ritter
Quilt Show Coordinator