Show and Tell: Patricia Bowman

Made for my three and five year old grandsons with lots of pockets to hide their cars in, and snuggle under the flannel side when they go camping or just to watch a movie at home. I started by cutting 10 1/2 inch blocks out of large adult jeans and then realized the boys’ old jeans were too small to get blocks that big so I cut out their pockets and appliquéd them on to larger blocks made from the legs of their jeans. The nice thing about this quilt is, it doesn’t need a binding and I can add to it as the boys grow. I found a couple of patterns online and improvised from there. The seams are 1/2 inch. I did break a couple of denim jean needles on my machine only because I tried to sew around some metal buttons. One cotton block is from my old teaching days painting shirt that says, “School is Cool”, another is from a cotton shirt from “Alaska”. Everything else is pure denim.


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