Featured Speaker: Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson is our Program speaker for our March 25th guild meeting. Karen has been sewing for most of her life, having made her first dress when she was six years old. Her grandmother taught many of the young women in the community to sew and her mother was her 4-H sewing teacher. She spent 8 years in a 4-H sewing club as she was growing up, continuing on to a degree in Home Economics at the University of Manitoba. Karen majored in Clothing and Textiles before moving to British Columbia and a teaching career, working in both Vancouver and Langley.

Quilting took over about 1994 and although Karen has made many of her own clothes, it’s not a big part of her quilting journey. She’s been involved with the Langley Quilters’ Guild since its inception in 2003 and appreciates the energy of being immersed with like-minded souls. She’s also a member of the Langley Arts Council, Canadian Quilters’ Association, Studio Art Quilt Associates and Fibre Art Network.
Karen will be sharing the various themes she’s explored during her quilting journey, as well as a focus on the quilts and workshops that have played a pivotal role in shaping her direction.